Using solar energy to impact water collection and research

When you think of solar panels, or solar energy in general, you are often thinking about homes that use these panels to provide electricity. They are typically placed in solar arrays adjacent to a home or an office, or they can be placed on top of the facility. Once they are in place and generating solar power, you can then use less energy from the grid. However, many people do not realize that it is possible to power a boat or other type of watercraft using this same type of energy.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are capable of producing electricity by simply being introduced to the sun. Once they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, this can be converted into electricity. This is sent into a battery where you are able to store the energy – or it can also be used right away. If you have enough solar panels on your home or other residence, you could actually stop using power from the grid and sell this electricity back to the electric company for a profit.

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How They Are Typically Used

These are typically utilized by people that are looking for a way to not use energy from the electric company which can be quite expensive. If they have the money to invest, they are capable of putting in enough solar panels and arrays where they can use only the energy that they produce. In the same way that solar panels for stationary places such as homes and businesses can utilize this free energy from the sun, the same can be true for certain types of boats and watercraft vehicles.


Solar Panels For Boats

If you own a boat, or any type of watercraft, you can actually have someone install solar panels onboard. There are actually many hybrid boats that utilize solar electricity, allowing them to be powered even in the absence of wind or gas for your motor. This is, at the very least, an excellent way to backup your system for power on your boat, allowing you to operate all of your electronic devices. You can find installers by searching for solar panels and boats in your area, leading you to not only those that install them, but vendors that have hybrid boats that you can simply buy. You can even find companies in IllinoisNew York, and other areas you wouldn’t expect to find a large deal of solar companies.

watercraft-solar-panelObviously you need to have exposure to the sun when installing the solar panels, and this will allow you to charge the batteries that will be onboard. There are many different boats that have this already, some of which are used for public and commercial maritime traffic. Some of these watercrafts can even reach speeds of up to 15 knots on purely solar energy.

As technology continues to progress, it is possible that we may soon have not only vehicles that are solar powered on our streets, but boats that will have the same technology. It is a step in the right direction, and is a great way to help our environment.

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In many cases, this involves renewable energy like wind, solar, and thermal.